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  O’Steens Auto Body

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Photo of welder working on a BMWDon't be fooled by "lifetime warranties" on imitation parts (aftermarket). Make sure only Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) parts are used in the repair of your vehicle. Just remember that your policy and most other companies policies do not demand OEM parts if others are available.

 If the insurance company insists on imitation parts, ask for proof that they are equal to genuine parts in terms of fit, finish and corrosion protection.

In making your final decision of which parts to use, consider the hidden cost of future repairs, reduced resale value, and the possible risk to passenger safety which you may have to face one day.


Backed by more than our work, we guarantee our repair as long as your own or lease your vehicle.

If you should ever have any concerns with your repairs down the road, we will give it our utmost attention so that you are satisfied.

Your car should look and perform the way it did before the accident. Even minor cosmetic damage should also be repaired at this time. Every little nick or chip can lead to rust damage later and will deduct from the value of your car.

After the repairs to your vehicle, we will give it a post repair inspection. We will thoroughly clean your vehicle inside and out. We confidently support all of our work with a Lifetime Warranty.